About the Department

The Department of Information Technology was created during November 2003.

The Department was created with a view to promote the use of Information Technology (IT) and act as a promoter/facilitator in the field of Information Technology in the state and build an IT interface with the rest of the country and the world.


The Department of Information Technology & Communication (IT&C)s now playing a key role to transform the State of Nagaland into a modern State

by way of improving transparency, efficiency and ensuring cost effective public service delivery to the citizens. Vision of the Department "The vision of the Department is to make the State a destination for investors both within and outside the country and to initiate the people of the State to take advantage of this technology through e-Governance and providing IT-enabled services to the State. which shall aim at facilitating in providing a SMART (Simple, Manageable, Approachable, Responsive and Transparent) Government to the people"

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Functions & Duties

The department of Information Technology has been set up with the following function and duties :

  • Formulation of IT policy.
  • Planning of different IT related programme.
  • Coordination of all IT projects in the government.
  • Implementation of core infrastructure projects under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP)
  • Research & Development of new technologies and prescribe uniform standards
  • Pro-active promotion of Citizen Centric services
  • Capacity Building and organising of IT events
  • Planning, providing Internet access, Network security, Bandwidth management etc
  • Development and management of portal/website of Nagaland.
  • E-governance initiatives
  • IT-enabled services.
  • Co-ordinating e-Procurement and Tendering activities